5 Covid-Safe Places to Spend an Amazing Day at!

5 Covid-Safe Places to Spend an Amazing Day at!

By Malak Sabra

Lately, more and more places have been opening back up in Lebanon, so people are getting increasingly comfortable with the idea of being outside more. But, others prefer to keep applying the social distancing rule especially with the new strain of Covid. With that being said, we still need to keep an eye out on where we can go and where we can’t.

Made to keep you and your family entertained and safe, here’s a list of places where you can be safe and stay safe with your friends and family.

1. Mar Chaaya Monastery and Farm

Animals? Cute. Views? Breath-taking.

This place holds history and beauty and not many people would think to go here. It is surrounded by activities for adults and kids, as well as having a beautiful walking track perfect for summer. With vineyards and a beautiful farm that holds the freshest produce, this place will surely take your breath away.

Check out this beautiful destination here.

2. La Maison de la Foret

Settled in the pine forest of Bkassine, it offers outdoor adventures and quality food, all the while staying private with your friends and family and not having to worry about anything.

Check out their website for more.

3.  Cedars Campsite

Camping is one of the best stress relievers to get your mind off of the bustling crowd in the city.

Here are you can have all the privacy you need with your friends without having to interact with other people. An introverts dream! Camp, grill and chill at this beautiful spot in Shouf.

For more information check their Facebook page.

4. HillHoute Village

Activities, food and family! The best of the best at HillHoute Village for both children and adults. Rent a table and get your family there to have some serious fun as well as doing it comfortably and safely.

Check out their Instagram for more information.

5. Swings

Quality time with your friends and nature? Swings has got you covered. With their spacious campsite and the choice to stay and chill for the day or even spend the night, Swings is all about comfort and safety. No hassle on keeping anything other than bugs away since you’ll be privately placed somewhere away from other families. Activities and food and many more available at the camp so picnic away!

Check their website to book your table and more!

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