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30 Reasons Why OLX is a Great Place to Work

30 Reasons Why OLX is a Great Place to Work

By John Noja

1. We work as one big family

As a team, we all have each other’s back; every team member relies on the surrounding support system to perform his or her duties in the most enjoyable environment.

2. We listen to ideas and value proactivity

We expect every team member, from all positions and teams, not to shy away from suggesting new ideas and improvement areas.  We believe that the best ideas are generated by those who are closest to the operations and the users.

3. We are hungry for innovation, big or small

We believe that innovation comes in different shapes and forms, from the most disruptive business model to the smallest process improvement or feature enhancement that can actually end up having a great impact on the user experience and the performance of our business.

4. We recognize efforts publicly

Every month, we recognize key contributors by nominating and honoring the employee of the month, sales champion of the month, and user centricity champion of the month as well. Which is another award we have introduced to recognize a team member who went above and beyond to serve a specific user or group of users during this month.

5. We are customer centric

We try as much as possible to put the users at the center of our decisions, to put ourselves in their shoes in every feature development or change impacting them directly or indirectly.

6. We are agile

We use agile methodologies such as scrum1 or kanban2 to run not only our product development but also our strategic projects and activity planning.

7. We set the bar high for everyone

We always set high expectations and ambitious targets for all team members, so we can keep collectively pulling each other up.

8. We push each other out of our comfort zones

We believe that the best learning experience occurs when we step out of our comfort zone, and we constantly enable opportunities for team members to work on something new to them.

9. We trigger learning and development opportunities:

Our L&D philosophy combines online, offline and on-the-job trainings, as we believe that learning can happen as much in an online course or a classroom training, as in daily challenges.

10. We focus on career and personal development

Our employees are our main assets and we invest in them so they can better serve our business. Beyond periodic performance reviews, we frequently discuss career and development plans to help each team member have a clear path and be able to actively work upon achieving it.

11. We are open and transparent

We foster an open environment in which all team members are encouraged to extensively communicate among each other, while maintaining a high level of transparency between top management and the rest of the team.

12. We build on each other

We value teamwork the most, and count on each other’s support to perform any given task or project.

13. We operate in a fast-paced highly-intense environment

The industry and the region we operate in are in continuous movement, and hence we always need to react fast to any change affecting our business.

14. We are team of entrepreneurs:

Every team member acts as if the company was his or her, with the same care, the same commitment and the same attachment.

15. We are very critical towards our business

As a group of down to earth and practical individuals, we are aware of our business flaws. We acknowledge them and make whatever possible to resolve them.

16. We are responsible and accountable

We take responsibility for our actions, and each team member is considered as the sole owner of his or her scope. We trust, empower and don’t micromanage our teams.

17. We are honest about our success and failure

We learn from our mistakes, we say things as they are and consider failures as learning opportunities.

18. We learn how to work under pressure:

We always have plenty of exciting projects and initiatives going on at the same time, with an ambition of implementing them all “asap“.

19. We are resourceful

We don’t always wait to have a full fledged solution to solve any encountered issue. Instead, we often gather all our available resources and come up with the best possible outcome, in a minimum viable product (MVP) style.

20. We share success stories

Since our non-commercial team is not as hands on as our sales team, they aren’t fully aware of the struggles the sales team might go through. To better understand and cooperate with each other we invite all teams to share their success stories to be able to build upon that.

21. We are data-driven

We back most of our decisions on data, and make sure we analyzed our dataset on different levels and from different perspectives before jumping to conclusions.

22. We cross-share knowledge

Being part of a regional group, we try as much as possible to share knowledge so we don’t reinvent the wheel every time we are faced with a new challenge or idea.

23. We maintain a long term / short term balance

While we have a clear long term plan for the business, with a clearly defined mission, vision, and breakthrough objectives, we focus in parallel on the day to day operations that will allow us to reach our goals.

24. We aim at achieving excellence

We want to be as lean as possible, with lean processes, structures, supplier’s relationships, and results monitoring.

25. We work in an open space

Our office is an open space that encourages collaboration, communication and cross-learning.

26. We live in a “bubble”:

We isolate ourselves from all negativity that could surround us and focus on the sweet spots we still see to promote an optimistic and positive work environment.

27. We never take No for an answer

We never focus on an obstacle or road blocker, but rather on the solution and the learning opportunity out of each incident. We even sometimes find good sides to a previously identified obstacle.

28. We believe in a cause

Every team member believes in the social cause our company provides, beyond the pure business aspect of course, which is connecting buyers to sellers and facilitating user-to-user transaction.

29. We believe in Lebanon’s potential

Despite all the challenges the country is currently going through, we see a big potential in the country and are attached to the role we want to continue playing in the community and the economy by providing online selling and buying opportunities.

30. We enjoy the ride

We love what we do and do what we love.

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