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10 Tips to Save Your Phone Battery

10 Tips to Save Your Phone Battery

By Malak Sabra

In these tough times and the power outages happening recently in Lebanon, we are not strangers to the feeling of having very little battery left on our phones when we need them the most. Whether it’s a small hack or a life changing tip; here are 10 tips to keep your phone on as long as possible!

1. Keep Low Power Mode activated

Whether your phone is at 2% or 99%, always keep the low power mode activated. This mode lowers the brightness and lowers the usage of background applications which could drain the battery faster. Apart from that, it will keep your battery life much longer than when it’s not on. So, even when your battery is 100%, keeping the Low Power Mode on is beneficial.

2. Reduce White Point

Apart from adjusting your brightness on your phone, you can also adjust something called “White Point”. What this does is it lets you reduce the intensity of bright colors all the while not affecting dark and muted colors; it also helps save battery life the same way it would when lowering the brightness on your phone. 

3. Turn off Location Services

Location Services is a background using setting in most phones; it will keep tracking your location on 3G and on Wi-Fi. This uses a lot of power since it needs to use an abundance of things from your phone at the same time such as internet and GPS. This uses a little too much power for our liking, so turning it off will make a huge difference when it comes to saving battery life.

4. Turn off Cellular Data

We know what you’re thinking, you need it to pass the time, get in contact with friends/family and whatnot. But, cellular data uses a lot of power, so turning it off when you don’t need it is the go-to way to save your phone’s battery life expectancy.

5. Cut Down on Notifications

Background. Usage. This is the most power consuming thing on any phone. You don’t use anything but they’re running in the background against your will, just lurking there using up all your battery. Not cool. So save yourself some battery power and turn them off for the apps that you don’t need! You can turn them back on whenever you feel like it.

6. Turn Off Bluetooth and AirDrop

Your phone continuously searches for nearby Wi-Fi networks, which is why the list of available networks constantly changes when you’re out and about. Similarly, Bluetooth and AirDrop are constantly looking to connect, but there’s no reason for them to be active at all times. Turning them off will limit the amount of battery they consume and save you precious battery life.

7. Remove Motion Effects

Dynamic wallpapers and backgrounds that contain movement and change over time may look cool, but they drain your battery. If you have a dynamic wallpaper, we suggest you change it into something static. Then to take it one step further, turn off the motion effects on apps by going to your settings and turning on “Reduce Motion.”

8. Remove certain cases during charging

When charging your phone, it emits a certain amount of heat understandably, although with some of the phone cases, the heat is trapped and doesn’t go out. Instead it’s more or less suffocating your phone, damaging your battery with it as well. Take off your phone case when charging so you can ensure your battery stays healthy enough to last during long power outages.

9. Ditch vibrate mode

With all the notifications and calls we get, our phones tend to vibrate a lot. Having your phone set to buzz for every call, text or notification drains your battery much more than silent or loud mode. Switch to one of the latter to extend your phone’s life.

10. Charge your phone from your Laptop!

When all else fails, always make sure that your laptop is charged and ready to support your phone charging needs. That way, all you need to do is turn on your laptop and plug your phone in! It takes a little longer to charge but you get some much-needed power to your phone in case of an emergency.

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